We're building lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships across western metropolitan Melbourne − one of the fastest growing regions in Victoria.

彩票平台积极主动地与行业进行战略合作, 政府和社区伙伴开发彩票平台机会, 教育和领导力与墨尔本西部的区域发展重点相一致.

Werribee Learning Centre

韦里比学习中心是与戈登彩票平台所合作建立的. The primary aim of the centre is to support and encourage participation of students from diverse backgrounds in the rapidly growing western metropolitan region of Melbourne. We do this by helping students progress seamlessly from The Gordon 彩票平台所 diplomas to Deakin degrees while studying locally.

Through the Werribee Learning Centre, 学生可以通过学习获得证书, diploma or a clear pathway to an undergraduate program on offer at one of Deakin’s 吉朗 campuses or Cloud Campus.

Werribee学习中心是一个提供教育的无障碍空间, 西部大都市墨尔本的企业和社区活动以及学生参与. The centre includes:

  • 大型互动屏幕及视听设施
  • wi-fi-enabled rooms and workstations where staff and students can work while charging their mobile devices
  • conference and meeting facilities to enable the community to link with teaching and research opportunities across the world.


温德姆 City Council

为表彰温德姆市和彩票购买平台之间大量的合作, a memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed in December 2017 to formalise this strategic partnership, 哪些对两个组织都有好处.


Faculty of 健康

学校/中心彩票平台员 彩票平台 project
Centre for Population 健康 彩票平台 教授  Anna Peeters Economic Impact Assessment, 西部体育及康乐及健康饮食(附西部康乐服务)
学校 of Psychology 条Satyen博士 温德姆CALD社区预防家庭暴力

Faculty of Business and Law

学校彩票平台员 彩票平台 project
学校 of Business 教授 Barry Cooper
Nicholas Mcclaren

Faculty of Arts and Education

学校彩票平台员 彩票平台 project
学校 of Education 教授 Andrea Nolan
Dr Lynette Longaretti
Early Childhood Education – Service Planning and Workforce Capacity Building National Exceptional Teaching for Disadvantaged 学校s Program Strengthening Connections between 学校, 年轻人, Parents and Community
传播与创意艺术学院 教授 David Cross
Dr Cameron Bishop



学校彩票平台员 彩票平台 project
生命与环境科学学院 迈克·韦斯顿博士 温德姆的滨鸟保护计划


  • Deakin supports the 温德姆 Learning Festival through sponsorship and outreach events in local schools to encourage more girls to consider careers in STEM (science, 技术, engineering and maths).
  • 彩票购买平台是2018年温德姆首届温诺创新节的赞助商之一, PVC战略伙伴关系的Joseph Lawrence博士是主讲嘉宾.
  • Deakin provides subject matter experts to City of 温德姆 committees including Senior Alliance and Public Art Acquisition. 彩票购买平台为艺术彩票平台生提供奖学金,作为温德姆艺术奖的一部分.
  • Deakin and the City of 温德姆 are currently working towards a coordinated WIL (Work Integrated Learning) opportunity and graduate employment program.

Learn more about the City of 温德姆


Deakin has several points of engagement and research collaborations with Melbourne Water including the Western Treatment Plant near Werribee.

  • “治疗”, 墨尔本水务公司的公共艺术合作伙伴, 彩票购买平台传播与创意艺术学院以及温德姆市, 策划了一个当代艺术装置和对西部污水处理厂的解读. 继2015年和2019年的成功试点之后,计划在2019年进行第三次迭代 Treatment II–Flightlines in 2017.
  • New VR 技术 designed and developed by Deakin allows users to interact with one another in the same virtual space from anywhere in the world, bringing a new level of interactivity, 工作场所培训的灵活性和安全性. The platform has been purpose-built for Melbourne Water to allow its technicians to safely conduct 培训 on the management of highly toxic chemicals, without the inherent safety risks.
  • Deakin also developed a virtual reality application for 培训 Melbourne Water staff and volunteers in snake bite first aid.

Werribee Football Club

彩票购买平台很自豪能与韦里比足球俱乐部建立合作关系. 彩票平台与俱乐部密切合作以提高能力, capability and productivity through access to Deakin’s Work Integrated Learning students across faculties.

该俱乐部还与彩票购买平台在体育科学驱动的项目上合作, which create unique learning environments for students in Deakin’s 学校 of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences, 并增加韦里比足球俱乐部的教练能力.

Underpinning the partnership is the drive to create stronger tertiary aspiration for the diverse communities in Melbourne’s west, particularly in 温德姆, 在哪些地方,俱乐部与当地学校的联系是重要的.

Learn more about Werribee Football Club

Western Leisure Services

Our partnership with Western Leisure Services aims to provide innovative 培训 and research opportunities in the sport, 休闲, recreation and engineering sectors that promote and enhance tertiary education opportunities for the 温德姆 community.


Hobsons Bay Council

In recognition of the significant number of collaborations between Hobsons Bay City Council and Deakin, 双方于2017年签署谅解备忘录,正式确立这一战略伙伴关系, 哪些对两个组织都有好处.


Faculty of 健康

学校彩票平台员 彩票平台 project
学校 of Psychology Dr Bosco Rowland Communities That Care is an evidenced based model used to determine what protective and risk factors are present within the community, 特别关注年轻人.
学校 of 健康 and Social Development Dr Rebecca Patrick Happy Planet Index
学校 of 健康 and Social Development 协会. 教授. Patsie Frawley性生活:尊重关系(SLRR) delivers a peer-led relationships and sexuality program for people with disabilities in local communities.


学校彩票平台员 彩票平台 project
生命与环境科学学院 协会. 教授. 迈克·韦斯顿 Shorebird Conservation Program

NIKERI 彩票平台所

彩票平台所 彩票平台 project
NIKERI Laverton’s Woods Street Arts Space and Mesh Mash print design studio have offered two new artist in residency positions to help emerging artists develop their work in a professional setting while enriching the artistic offering in the west.
NIKERI Engineering Placement Project

City of Brimbank


  • 安装一个 innovative play-scape in Brimbank Park in 2017 resulted in more than double the number of park visitors engaging in physical activity at the park.
  • Deakin’s 协会iate 教授essor Wayne Binney serves as Invited Expert on Brimbank City Council's 可持续性 and Environment Advisory Committee.

Learn more about the City of Brimbank


彩票购买平台与梅尔顿市合作进行了第二轮 Smart Cities and Suburbs program.

彩票购买平台最近在梅尔顿的彩票平台包括: 温德姆 & 梅尔顿:加强学校之间的联系, 年轻人, Parents and Community (派珀博士Rodd, Dr Robin Bellingham, Dr Matthew Thomas, Dr Andrew Skourdoumbis).

Learn more about the 梅尔顿市

Business Industry Group (BiGroup)

Deakin’s graduate employment team, DeakinTalent, has partnered with this not-for-profit 培训 and employment group that offers opportunities for businesses and industries with a commitment to achieving skills development, education and community outcomes.

NDCO for Melbourne's west

Deakin has partnered with the Commonwealth Department of Education and Training to host the Nationality Disability Coordination Officer (NDCO) Program in Melbourne’s west. The NDCO program aims to improve the transition of people with a disability aged 15–64 into tertiary education and employment.

Learn more about the NDCO program



彩票购买平台是LeadWest董事会的代表, 墨尔本西部的可持续增长和发展区域倡导组织.

温德姆/霍布森湾地区职业协会. (WRICA)

Deakin is a member of WRICA, a not-for-profit organisation that provides professional learning opportunities for career development practitioners working in secondary colleges in the 温德姆 and Hobsons Bay areas.

该协会的主要重点是为从业人员提供职业信息, 课程, 培训, 就业和工业,以支持他们在学校为年轻人工作.


彩票购买平台是温湾本地学习与就业网络(LLEN)的成员。, 如何将教育途径与温德姆和霍布森湾地区的当地技能需求结合起来.

In 2018, Deakin supported the BETS Foundation to tutor primary school students on weekends at the Werribee Learning Centre. 随后,它成为了与BETS基金会的合作伙伴, 英国国教基金会和温德姆学校联盟 #SMART-BETS(具体的、可衡量的、加速的、补救的和有针对性的).

#SMART-BETS将在Warringa Park特殊学校的Bethany路校区运营. The partnership facilitates improved parental and student engagement and learning outcomes in three priority schools: The Grange P–12, 马诺湖高中和贝赛德高中. 合作计划将为150名来自社会经济条件较差家庭的五至九年级学生提供服务.

Committee for 温德姆

彩票购买平台是温德姆委员会的一名骄傲而活跃的成员, 它汇集商界和社区组织,促进温德姆的社交活动, 环境, economic and cultural wellbeing.