彩票购买平台营造了一种教学和彩票平台的卓越被认可和赞美的环境. 彩票平台经常在澳大利亚大学教学奖中表现出色,彩票平台彩票平台人员也是如此

2020 Australian awards for University Teaching winners

awards for Programs that Enhance Learning

Globally Ready Conservation Graduates team: A/Prof John White, A/Prof Raylene Cooke and A/Prof Mike Weston
This award recognises the team’s outstanding contribution to the quality of student learning and experience in higher education. The team have demonstrated excellent leadership in the field of Global Citizenship and Internationalisation through commitment to innovation and quality teaching. This sustained program addresses the core global need to create skilled, capable and resilient graduates in conservation biology, 在过去的10年里,有超过350名参与者从中受益.

Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning

国际学生负责任IS专业团队:Craig Parker博士和Harsh Suri教授
为国际学生提供学习知识的激励和指导, 技能和信心,寻求职业机会,成为负责任的信息系统专业人士.

Professional Literacy Suite team: Ms Simone Tyrell, A/Prof Kerrie Bridson, Dr Leanne Ngo, Ms Kim Phu, Ms Sharon Chua, Dr Micaela Spiers and A/Prof Michael Volkov
For constructing digital learning resources, across the student journey, within a business school context, 支持及激励学生提升专业素养能力.

2019 Australian awards for University Teaching winners

awards for Programs that Enhance Learning

Risk Aware team: Ms Amanda Dudley, A/Prof Jade Sheen, A/Prof Wendy Sutherland-Smith, Prof Jane McGillivray, Prof Reg Nixon (Flinders University), A/Prof Rachel Roberts (University of Adelaide), Dr Michael, Proeve (University of Adelaide), Prof Debra Dunstan (University of New England), A/Prof Carmela Pestell (University of Western Australia) and Dr Louse Alexander (Australian Catholic University).

This award recognises the team’s outstanding contribution to the quality of student learning and experience clinical placement settings. The team developed Risk Aware, a 国家在线教育计划,帮助医疗保健学生更好 identify and 问题 the risks associated with clinical placement. 通过与六所大学和一个行业伙伴的紧密合作, Risk Aware provides highly innovative and authentic learning experiences that enhance student workplace readiness and risk-related competence, with modules addressing various areas of risk such as aggression, physical violence, psychological and emotional risk. Risk Aware is the first program of its type in Australia to comprehensively address placement risks unique to healthcare students and represents this team’s commitment to high quality education through collaboration and partnership.

Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning

Dr Adam Brown
For excellence in developing innovative gamification approaches to enhance communication students’ learning and facilitating authentic assessment and industry engagement through social media content.

Activate Minecraft for Agile team: A/Prof Bardo Fraunholz, Mr Vivek Venkiteswaran, Ms Emma Simpfendorfer, Mr Kane Hooper, Mr Toby Durden and Mr Alister Air
For designing digital learning resources and a game-based simulated environment to teach Agile Project Management in a business school context, enhanced by aligned industry engagement.

Graduate Certificate, Education Business Leadership team: Mr Mark Donehue, Ms Joanne Henriksen, Ms Katrina Broadhead, Ms Alex Singleton, Mr Matt McDonough and Ms Kim Neilson
For an innovative program in Education Business Leadership that inspires students to develop business acumen and addresses equity issues for professional staff in education.

2018 Australian awards for University Teaching winners

Citations for outstanding contribution to student learning

A/Prof Kelly Miller
For the development of an innovative Work Integrated Learning micro-credential in environmental sustainability as part of a coherent and constructively aligned WIL curriculum.

学习团队的职业治疗模拟:Kelli Nicola-Richmond女士, Ms Valerie Watchorn, Mr Peter Lane and Mr Anthony Neylan
追求持续卓越的发展和应用的创新, high-quality, 彩票平台资源,提高临床技能的职业治疗学生.

FXAP (Foreign exchange Authentic Practice) Team: A/Prof Victor Fang, Dr Sohel Azad, Dr Vincent Xiang and Dr Sharon Pittaway
For sustained authentic, experiential learning experiences that motivate and inspire finance students to learn in an innovative learning and teaching space.

2017 Australian awards for University Teaching winners

Citations for outstanding contribution to student learning

Dr Richie Barker
For excellence in developing innovative curricula that enhances the employability of public relations students by bringing current, 真实的行业项目和从业者进入学习环境.

awards for Teaching Excellence

Deakin's psychology simulations team: dr jade Sheen, A/Prof Wendy Sutherland-Smith and Prof Jane McGillivray
This award recognizes the work of the Deakin Psychology Simulation Team in the development and systematic integration of simulation-based education in postgraduate professional psychology courses. 该团队使用了复杂的支架式实时模拟来弥合理论与实践之间的差距. Students observe clinical staff undertaking practice; engage with real-world case studies; practice clinical skills with live simulated patients; and undertake authentic workplace related assessments of learned skills. The simulation-based education program, used effectively over six years, is unique within the psychology discipline, 为学生提供前所未有的深度和广度的模拟学习机会.

2016 Australian awards for University Teaching winners

Citations for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning

For developing, implementing and sustaining a globally unique, wholly online, 为七个不同卫生专业的学生提供的跨专业教育单位.

Dr Glenn Wadley
For leadership in implementing a suite of innovative active-learning approaches that have enhanced student learning in undergraduate physiology and in Honours research training.

awards for Teaching Excellence

Dr Jaclyn Broadbent
Jaclyn is an early career academic who is recognised nationally and internationally for her sustained and innovative leadership in delivering engaging, 在第一年的大型课程中,学生可以获得和真实的课程. To give students the optimum learning experience, she uses various technologies to provide timely, high quality, and meticulously moderated feedback. 

她在这一领域的工作是由严谨的应用学术理论和正在进行的评价. 北韩, 杰奎琳将这种方法应用到她自己的2000多名大一学生身上, however, 她的专业知识在彩票购买平台之外得到了认可,她的方法也被第三专业采用 institutions across Australia. She is recognised globally as a leader in the use of the Brightspace Learning Management System (LMS) and its embedded affordances, and continues to provide feedback to international providers to improve the use of intelligent agents and feedback for sustained student engagement in learning. 

杰奎琳的影响和工作已被认可的许多教学和学习奖在彩票购买平台2008-2013年, 全国(2012年OLT奖)和国际(2014年Desire2Learn国际教学影响奖).

Dr Tony Joel
Dr Tony Joel excels in creating and sharing high support/high challenge learning environments that are constructively aligned to enhance students’ learning experiences and outcomes. 通过丰富的混合彩票平台活动,托尼激励和 inspires history students to use their naturally inquisitive minds to better develop their knowledge and understanding of how the past continues to shape the world in which we live. 

Tony arranges imaginative and indeed confrontational learning opportunities that invite students to engage with the “living past,” such as the annual weekend seminar he conducts at Melbourne’s Jewish Holocaust Centre where his students become historical custodians through meeting with survivors. An exponent of the teaching-­‐research nexus, Tony draws on his discipline expertise, international field research, 和先进的互动媒体策略,以建立课程和资源,促进以探究为基础的学习. His inventive assessments encourage students to 学习和应用与大学指定的彩票平台生学习成果直接相关的可转移技能. 

Tony has represented Deakin in national projects, and through leadership roles as Associate Head of School (Teaching and Learning) and Course Director of the Bachelor of Arts his impact on enhancing students’ learning experiences and outcomes has extended well beyond his discipline.

2015 Australian awards for University Teaching winners

International recognition

  • QS Wharton Reimagine Education global awards – innovative higher education pedagogies enhancing learning and employability
  • 彩票购买平台·沃森倡议获得ICT支持和服务全球金奖
  • Bronze Oceania award for Deakin Anywhere

awards for Teaching Excellence

dr gery Karantzas, Faculty of health

dr gery Karantzas has enhanced 1万余名本学科本科生的学习成果 of psychology. Gery’s teaching reflects innovative, cutting-edge practice that has established him as a national leader in teaching and learning. He has created 丰富的、身临其境的、探究性的学习体验,增强学生的学习能力 学习的动机,导致学生在 development of psychology graduate attributes.

dr mike Weston, Faculty of Science Engineering and Built Environment

dr mike Weston draws upon almost two decades of industry experience in environmental science to inspire and motivate 学生,并创造真实的和切合实际的学习体验. As 课程主任,麦克领导环境科学学士(野生动物和 保护生物学),这是一门受欢迎和不断发展的课程,学生水平很高 satisfaction and innovation.

Citations for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning

norma Barrett, Faculty of health

For excellence in developing coherent and imaginative digital learning resources that transform how 数千名学生批判性地评估和解读健康信息 statistics.

dr jade Sheen, Dr Clint Gurtman, Professor Jane McGillivray, Faculty of health

The Deakin Psychiatric Simulation 该团队制作的程序采用基于模拟的教学和真实 assessment methods to enhance mental health education.

Other awards in 2015

Governor of Victoria Export awards


World-class research

Advances in research have been a hallmark 彩票购买平台近年来的成功,在质量和影响力方面都有令人印象深刻的增长 and income. Our researchers are making a positive impact on the lives and 澳大利亚和世界各地社区的福祉,由四个国家支持 research institutes and 13 strategic research centres.

Excellence in research for Australia

Excellence in research for Australia is a comprehensive quality evaluation of all research produced in Australian universities against national and international benchmarks.

Deakin’s era 2015 results show a significant improvement over the 2010 and 2012 results, with the 达到或超过世界标准的彩票平台领域数量不断增加 from 47% in 2010 to 89% in 2015.

Ranking by subject

By subject, in the Excellence in research for Australia 在国家评估中,彩票购买平台获得了最高的5分,定义为远高于世界标准,在:

  • macromolecular and materials chemistry
  • environmental science and 问题ment
  • zoology
  • materials engineering
  • human movement and sports science
  • medical microbiology
  • neurosciences
  • nutrition and dietetics
  • pharmacology and pharmaceutical sciences
  • medical physiology.

Leading researchers at Deakin

  • 阿尔弗雷德·彩票购买平台教授的头衔是彩票购买平台授予其学者的最高荣誉, with Professor Mirko Bagaric (Business and Law), Professor Neil Barnett (Science, Engineering and Built Environment), 科林·巴罗教授(科学, Engineering and Built Environment) and Professor Ian Chen (Science, Engineering and Built Environment) honoured in 2015. 
  • 2015年,澳大利亚诺贝尔奖获得者Maria Forsyth教授当选为澳大利亚科学院院士.
  • Professor David Lowe, Chair in Contemporary history, was elected to the Australian Academy of Social Sciences in 2015.
  • Professor Michael Berk was awarded the 2015 Brain and Behaviour research Foundation Colvin Prize for Bipolar Mood Disorder research and the 2015 Founders Medal by the Society for Mental health research.
  • Professor Paresh Narayan,2014年获得马哈拉诺比纪念奖章(国际). 该奖项每四年颁发一次,旨在表彰对经济学做出突出贡献的经济学家.
  • Ecologist Dr Emily Nicholson from the School of Life and Environmental Sciences is an inaugural VESKI Inspiring Women Fellow, 表彰在科学和创新技术领域杰出女性的项目.
  • Five Deakin researchers (Professor David Crawford, Professor Kylie Ball, Professor Jo Salmon, Professor Michael Berk and Professor Anna Timperio) were identified in the Thomson Reuters 2015 list of Highly Cited researchers.

Apply for a staff learning award

The following annual awards are offered:

  • 校长年度教师奖或年度教学团队奖(个人或团队皆可), one award per year)
  • WJC银行教学与学习杰出贡献奖(个人或团队), one award per year)
  • 李思敏及李思敏杰出教学成就奖(个人或团队), one award per year)
  • 彩票购买平台卓越教学奖(个人或团队,每年最多九个奖项).

Who can apply?

All Deakin University academic and general staff are eligible to apply. 请注意,只有教职员才会获得校长年度最佳教师奖.